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The picture was taken by me in Cantabria, Spain. There is a young male with a backpack and a camera. Photographers and filmmakers are the kind of people that are born to observe and tell stories. With a tool, they are capable to show their world in their own vision. The human being comes from the African continent and expanded through all the globe. Those individuals expanded for several reasons, but I consider that the biggest aim is because human being is curious, we are born to explore. Nowadays in our modern society we don’t have the need to explore, but we want to. Thats why I think, those explorers and independent individuals would choose a profession as filmmaker or photographer. The guy of the picture Is Moritz Kamp, a german friend of mine. I can see on him that his biggest dream Is explore the whole world with his camera, because we talked so much about It. In the picture, he reminds me to a fetus, because of his position, and the big backpack makes this curious composition. On the center he has his camera, observing me. He just thinks on understanding me through the lenses, is how he observes and catch the world. As I said before, human being comes from Africa, but life comes from the sea. I think is a metaphore. he is like a fetus on the shore, or even a crab, like a primitive and simple creature, observing what is outside the sea, on the earth. As human beings, several reasons makes us different between animals. The biggest gap for me is art. His camera is not going to make him survive, but he has this need of telling, observing, understanding and saving what he finds around. For me this is one of the purest human actions. He can’t justify why he likes to take pictures, because is inside him, this explorer soul that defines him. Maybe this picture doesn’t represent all kind of humans, races or ideologies, but for me represents oner of the purest dimension of human soul. 

UTOPIA and film industry

The glamour involved in filmmakers and actors way of living Is really often idealized. Lots of young actors go to places like Hollywood with the hope of being famous. The real business is in taking advantage of those people, organizing parties for young actors, often with drugs and luxury on them, just to pretend to live the Hollywood dream lifestyle. This kind of places are moved by the hope of people to chase their dream, like the gold diggers fever. Hollywood seems to me like a real utopia, a place that is too idealized because of films, the same industry that sustains the city Is the same one who makes propaganda of it. Not even a 1 per cent of all those dreamers would achieve their dreamed Hollywood lifestyle. The reality is that criminality rate is higher than the rest of California. Is not the paradise that it was drawn in our heads since we were born. Why we’re still trying to chase a utopia?. In film industry, lots of creative minds want to find their space in an industry as creative as them, so it’s easy to get trapped in an idealized utopia. The same concept is for depressed and believer people, in high risk to get engaged on a destructive sect. I consider myself a dreamer, so probably I’m following a utopian way of living.

wish list

-go around the world with a boat

-make a production company

-make documentaries around the world

-be based in Mallorca, provably in the countryside

-work with artists and interesting people

Identify and describe a relevant environmental issue.
Review the possible solutions.
Combine problem and solution in one image.

London breathing

This image is a contradiction on itself. We can see a new city being built. Inside the buildings there is a natural landscape. I’ve blended the dark river water with the clean mediterranean sea too. A city is the opposite to nature for me, and I’ll go deeper on it. How this unnatural habitat can be sustained?. The world is organized by rich and poor countries, and the UK is one of the richest in Europe. No food or raw materials are grown here, so this big metropolis demands goods from all around the world to be sustained. We are animals and we eat, but otherwise we can’t get food from environment, thats why I like to call a big metropolis an “antiecoligic sistem”, a cancer for the planet. This kind of places look like computer parts more than actual places on earth. I can’t tell a solution for this, because the problem is the existence of this places at itself, which they use the energy of the planet to be sustained. 

Avatar and America

I can feel that the film AVATAR is totally inspired on the discovery of America and the development of it. A new continent is discovered, with other cultures totally different as European ones, and full of resources. There was two kind of persons who arrived there, the utopian ones, which wanted to teach religion and civilize the native people, such as priests. Other kind of persons were the ones which wanted to be rich with America and its resources, such as slaves, gold, tobacco or coffee. I don’t really defend religious groups because they are humans so they are not perfect. Before Columbus, they had lots of problems, but their development was sustainable, the Amazon rainforest was the lung of the planet, and the  indigenous lived in peace and harmony with it. Same happened in the film, first the utopian people arrived to Pandora, creating a relation in between natives and foreigns. After that, business people seen the resources that they could use from it, so they tried to destroy their planet to get them. 


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